Infographic: 12 Spammy Link Building Sources You’re Using Blindly

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link buildingAre you looking to hire an SEO agency or company but you’re being careful; you don’t want to get penalized for
unnatural links?

Or are you a digital marketer thinking about building quality links that will improve your clients’ organic search rankings? I’ve created an awesome infographic for you.

Often times, before you can know what to do you first need to know what not to do.

In other words, there are several strategies to build backlinks, but if you don’t know which ones are risky you may end up becoming a prey.

Here are 12 spammy link building sources you’re using blindly. It’ll guide you as you make decisions to improve search visibility this year. Feel free to share the infographic or republish (as long as you cite this page).


spammy links

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