SaaS Customer Onboarding: Proven SEO Checklists To Signup More Customers

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Growing a profitable SaaS business is challenging.

Since we launched our consulting company in 2015, we’ve helped several SaaS companies to acquire new users.

But it wasn’t easy and we didn’t achieve results overnight.

For most entrepreneurs, they feel like giving up at this time especially with the level of competition going on.

In short, the term “SaaS” could send goosebumps down your spine if you’re not careful.

I’m here to change all of that.

These are not the typical SEO tips, but they’re based on my experience working with over 20 SaaS startups:


1)  Decide to win or learn


Search engine optimization goes beyond what happens within and outside of your website. Way more.

It’s about your decisions. After all, it’s the decisions you make the determine whether you’ll choose search as a user onboarding channel.

Don’t approach SEO with the mindset of, “what if I fail?”

I want to bring to your notice that you’re not expected to fail or assume you’ve failed just because what you implemented didn’t work.

The truth is, you’re either winning or learning — but not failing. Because it’s not really about making sales, if you’re able to convince a potential customer to take another step, you’re on the right path. Customer onboarding isn’t a destination, but a process.

customer onboarding.jpg

Getting new customers is rewarding. However, if you want to win their hearts, you have to do much more. So in regards to growing your SaaS company, sales aren’t enough.

Today’s businesses do their homework online to learn what and how to satisfy the customer/user.

This means that before you plunge into search engine optimization world, you should have a determination to learn, continue to learn, and win.

2)  Make the first impression with your search listings

When your SaaS website begins to rank in Google top 10, guess what will make or mar your success?


You’re damn right, the title.

lead nurturing tool.png

  With your title, you hook search users (these are your potential customers, remember).

If you waste this great chance to create a loyal customer, you never receive a second opportunity to earn a decent first impression, in addition, this is vital to customer onboarding, comments Jouk Pleiter, CEO of Backbase.

Loyal customers can help you grow your business. Because they can refer others to you. According to Brevet Group, 91% of customers are willing to give referrals.


There’s a tremendous opportunity in considering the manner in which you bring on new clients, but a lot of organizations don’t even look at this opportunity.

It appears obvious that if you want to bring in loyal customers to your web app, tools, or software, you do have to actually understand that your search listings must be compelling, beneficial, and clear (the title that is).


3)  Provide answers to users, not search engines


For this particular article, I don’t care whether or not I rank in Google — but my utmost desire is to have you read this article and apply it to your SaaS business.

Customer satisfaction gets self-perpetuating since they can see the worth in the experience and the outcome. Whenever your customer suddenly understands what you’re providing, they will get an aha moment, and all the pieces will begin to make sense.

onboarding users.png

That usually means that some customers will probably define success differently.

As a way to reap the advantages of decreasing customer assistance hours while increasing the grade of customer assistance, you have to make your customer onboarding process focused — do this by providing answers to user’s question, and ignore search engines for once.

This might be counter-intuitive, but if keywords aren’t helping you to answer users’ questions as you ought to, forget them and look for specific questions that users are asking on Quora, discussion boards, and social media. Be honest in answering those questions and watch your SaaS business grow.

I mean, stop trying to manipulate search engines. We must get all to think like the customer. Repeat customers are a remarkably valuable asset to your company. When you develop an SEO strategy, focus on user intent (i.e., what people truly want, not necessarily what the keyword says). This is how to attain long-term SEO results.


4)  Use search engines to build a community


One of the purposes of optimizing your SaaS company web pages is so that your ideal customers can easily find you. God’s truth.

But did you know that if you don’t have a loyal following or fan base that you’re literally taking the wrong approach?

Of course, you are.

Hence, you need to use search engines for community building.

There are two ways:

  • Create engaging content and build relevant links to it. That way, Google will rank your content page, and you’ll sustain your position for a long time. See, search users will always find your website when they search in Google. How cool?

  • When you start ranking, re-optimize that particular page and perhaps, turn it into a landing page, where search users can join your email list and begin a journey with you.

You must retain your customers. Naturally, your customer won’t realize every one of their objectives at once.

Whenever your potential clients encounter roadblocks, they frequently choose to take their business elsewhere (or, you experience customer churn after they sign up and use your solutions for a few months) and you miss a valuable chance for a new enterprise — if you fail to communicate with them and provide rich answers.


As soon as it’s critical to make yourself available to customers, there’s a way to supply outstanding customer service whilst cutting back on time.

Once a customer first agrees to purchase your services and products, you get a good chance to create a strong bond without delay.

Generally, your customers want to find a great remedy to their problem and preferably, they want that remedy to be as easy as possible. Because of frustration and deficiency of feeling valued, lots of new customers leave as fast as they joined.


5)  Get users to stick around


There’s much customer churn rate when your content isn’t helpful. When I say content, I mean every information you provide your users at the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, all the way down the bottom of the funnel.

When users come to your SaaS business website, maybe homepage from search engines, it’s your responsibility to make them stick around.

In order to increase the customer’s profitability through loyalty, you might want to make an onboarding procedure that’s in line with this objective.

customer profitability.jpg

Onboarding is the initial step to demonstrate the type of experience your business will offer to users/customers.

Customer onboarding utilizes specific parts of content, tools, and strategies to boost what I call: “customer stickability” (i.e., the process by which ideal customers stay put on your website).

Well, superb customer onboarding is just important when you want to continue to keep your customers content and make them repeat customers. If you get thousands of signups every day, you will need to automate and retain them.

You’ll need to adjust this process based on the good service which you provide, but you would like to make certain you can finish each one of the steps required to provide permanent solutions quickly and effectively.

Generally, you fight churn by boosting your onboarding procedure. Make sure the customer onboarding procedure teaches the customer a particular skill and the way to use the products or services you’re selling them.


6)  Use your content to alleviate pain


In this customer onboarding checklist, I’ve been able to tie both SEO and customer acquisition. Because they’re both related. To put it into perspective, you need to use your content to alleviate customer’s pain.

An effective onboarding procedure is dependent upon input from more than one department in your SaaS company – all hands must be on deck.

onboarding pwc.jpg

If you’re going to use SEO processes to sign up more customers, you really need to listen to your target audience. Yes, just take the chance to gather valuable feedback as your customers make progress.

It’s a great opportunity for you to improve both your content creation quality and speed — as well as help you address your customer’s current needs.


7)  Fight customer churn using search channel


Customer churn is a major setback that every SaaS vendor is facing. We all wish that one day churn will be gone forever. But I don’t think it will.

But there’s always a way out of it.

Whenever you lose a subscriber, you must get a new one to fight the churn. Focus on avoidable churn. Based on your merchandise and customer, you might need to spend more time training users.


The thing is, you always have to be taking a look at usage, engagement, communication and client support.

As an example, in the Kapost Certification training, a number of the materials are going to show how to really use the program. Separating the documents inside an application is one of the absolute labor-intensive document preparation activities.

Persevere, because when you take some time to become familiar with their business you’ll discover that your customer has a stronger feeling of satisfaction by means of your relationship.

Yep, that’s how long you need to create a very first positive impression! If you’re beginning to find some warning signs, it might be time to revisit these points and find where you are able to make improvements.




If you don’t know why your customers are leaving, ask them.

You won’t need to offer them anything, but for the first time listen to them and you’ll be amazed at the little things that annoy them. It could even be a login error.

That’s why the simplest way to do this is to ask.

As I said earlier, these are not your typical SEO strategies for generating new customers, but the essence of search is often neglected.

Before you start creating content in a bid to dominate search rankings, make sure that you’re addressing questions, issues, and challenges that your ideal customers are facing.

You can learn a lot and develop your own user onboarding plan by finding out what your competitors are doing. Spy on them and use the insights that you gained to outsmart them.

If you need help with SEO for your SaaS business, let’s talk.



Haley Reynolds is the founder of SaaS Brand. He consults with Fortune 500 SaaS Companies to increase their online visibility through SEO. Get in touch with him by clicking the "contact us" button in the menu.
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