8 Ways To Reduce SaaS Customer Churn and Boost Revenue [Infographic]

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You can’t afford to lose any customer today.

Because adding new customers to your SaaS business isn’t the same thing it was 10, 7, or even 3 years ago — and the strategies are still evolving.

This can put you in a position where you don’t even know what to do, especially now that customer churn is killing you.

At SaaS Brand and many other software marketing agencies, customer retention goes beyond keeping them — it equally means offering a timely advice, being empathetic, and keeping your customer’s needs at the forefront of whatever you do — even if it’d cost you money.

Truth is, there’s no magical solution — you need to continually learn about your customer and provide top notch customer service. That’s how to build a business in the long-term. A SaaS business that further builds your life.

TL: DR: An infographic that shows you 8 smart ways to finally reduce churn.

We’ve distilled the exact ways that work for most SaaS-related companies. If you’re not into this marketing space, you’ll still benefit from it — but I created it solely for companies and marketers that develop, market, and support software (e.g., mobile apps, web apps, and web tools).

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Haley Reynolds is the founder of SaaS Brand. He consults with Fortune 500 SaaS Companies to increase their online visibility through SEO. Get in touch with him by clicking the "contact us" button in the menu.
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