Solving The Mystery Behind The Best photo backup solution 2016

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Wondering how you can save your photos from getting lost?

The issue of photo keeping has been existing for long. For some people, it’s like a tradition that they have to practice.

Most often, these photos are gathered together to form an album which always serves as a reminder. And in some cases, they tell stories of past events.

Ever since the introduction of the camera by Johann Zahn in 1685, photo shooting has always been a celebration of moment till date.

Nowadays, cameras are becoming more often used, and part of man’s daily life. This, as a result, led to the integration of camera into mobile phones.

A recent statistic by PetaPixel reveals that smartphone users spend 92% of their time taking photos.


And no doubt, these photos mean a lot to them and needs proper care. This explains why it’s very important that you safeguard your photos from getting lost or damaged.

Whether you’re a photographer or not, we all want to always have our photos available anytime we need them.

No doubt, for most of us photos are priceless. This is because it serves as a medium of reflection and reminder of past moments. But despite its great value, it’s highly exposed to damage both in print and digital format.

In the past, most photos are always in a hard copy, but nowadays they are digitally saved. It is estimated that one out of one hundred thousand pictures taken in a day is not printed.

As a result, it exposes it more to danger. An article on Mike Yost Photography titled: “The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years!” This emphasizes more on the need for safe photo keeping.

A recent article in the Telegraph reveals a report by the internet pioneer Vint Cerf which says, “it’s time to start preserving the vast quantities of digital data before they are lost forever.”

If not for any other reason, when you lose your phone you’re likely to lose your photos if they’re not backed up.

And it’s obvious that the fear of losing your files which includes your photos is one of the greatest concerns about losing your phone.

Then what’s your take on this, either to lose your photos or to keep them?

A report has it that most businesses are now relying on the cloud for data storage, greatly because of its disaster recovery/backup feature.

If you’ve not embraced any photo backup service, then you definitely stand to lose a lot of photos.

Though these photo backup services come from a variety of companies with different attributes, it can be confusing to select the one you wish to use.

However, in this article are carefully selected photo backup services that are highly reliable and trustworthy:

1).   IDrive


Have you tried this?

If not, then you have to.

Because this backup service is not only user-friendly, but also highly secured, fast, allows easy file sharing, and has so many other great features like archiving capacity.

iDrive is of great value to you even as a photographer or not, especially when you can’t easily access cloud storage services like Amazon, Glacier, and many of its kind.

Have it ever occurred to you what you stand to lose if you lose your photos? According to a statistic by Tritech, it’s been revealed that 43% of businesses that encounter data loss always go down the drain.

Which is likely to happen to you if not business otherwise, but emotionally.

iDrive allows you to backup your photos by archiving them which guarantees long term storage, unlike many other photo backup services.

The outstanding featuresmakes it more worth it, since you can delete the photos from your computer’s hard drive, and still have it intact with Idrive.

With Idrive it’s possible to manage your computer files fully independently and save them in the cloud.

Enjoy the full benefits of this photo backup service at an affordable price of $3.71 per month for 1TB.

2).   CrashPlan


Have you ever wondered what you’ll look like when you get old? Won’t you like to see the difference between you then, now and at your earlier age?

And no doubt, this is possible but with the help of photos. Then what happens when the photos are nowhere to be found.

I know how it feels when you loose a photo that has so much memories attached to it.

Picture they say is worth a thousand words. In other words, it can be said that it holds down a great volume of stories that you can pass across to others.

CrashPlan is another great backup service you will also love because of its all rounding features, and rated one of the best available in the market now.

It’s a traditional online backup provider that offers unlimited storage capacity, fast file transfer, and with maximum security for your privacy.

It offers a free account for you to backup your files  to a local device, or to another CrashPlan user’s computer.

Despite its great value, it’s also affordable and easy to use. Just with as little as $4.99 per month you’re good to go.

The only problem with this backup service is that it doesn’t support archiving and file sharing, it’s mainly a backup tool.

Therefore, it can be said it can only keep a copy of existing files in your computer at the moment. And these files can be recovered when damaged, but deletes automatically when you delete  any of them in your PC.

However, despite its deficiency it’s still worth using.

3).   Acronis


You might chose to pay deaf ears to the benefit of other photo backup services, but not to that of Acronis. It has versatile attributes when it comes to photo backup services.

Having problem with storage space?

Most often we’re faced with the challenges of insufficient spaces for data storage. However, you’re likely to run out of space in your devices.


And if that happens, Acronis is the backup service you need.

This backup service allows you archive your files, easy share them, and unlimited storage capacity. It’s a reliable backup service that you can count on for maximum security (end to end encryption).

It comes with an outstanding feature called Acronis true Image for your most best service. You can also enjoy an easy photo backup to a local device with an offline backup management system.

Acronis is a great photo backup service to use, though the price is a bit high. And it’s also not password protected for shared files, but it’s worth it.

4).   ElephantDrive


Elephant Drive is a reliable photo backup service popularly known for its great benefits.

When it comes to network attached storage (NAS) and cloud for backing up photos.

ElephantDrive is a good choice for you.

This integrated feature allows you to easily transfer files from NAS to the cloud without causing damage to the files.

You can enjoy automatic and scheduled backing up of files. This to ensure your files are recoverable at anytime of slightest damage without stress.

Though it’s best recommended when you don’t plan to save huge files, and easily store your files from one platform to another.

However, with $9.95 you can get 100Gb per month.

5).   Dropbox


Dropbox is a household name when it comes to file sharing and backup. Despite its long existing presence, it still stands out among the new era backup services.

It has a handy desktop synchronization box with an easy and friendly interface. And also allows  you to generate links that will enable non-Dropbox users to view your images for public sharing.

It also provides more added features for its pro-subscribers that enables them to password protect their files, and add expiry date to shared links for file control. And even customise their read/write permission for their individual files.

No doubt that poor security can have a great negative effect on any human, likewise business.

With an affordable price of $11 per month, you can get 1TB plan. And you can also enjoy their free plan that provides you with 2GB storage capacity for your photo backup. Get bonus by inviting friends and completing the startup tasks.

6).   Backblaze


If you’re worried about the right service to backup your files with, Backblaze is another service worth giving a try.

You can enjoy an easy to use interface with Backblaze at an affordable price of $5 per month with unlimited storage.

It’s both a web app, and mobile app unlike most other backup services.

Most often, the reason why some don’t backup their data is that they’re not organized or too busy. Studies show that men are in fact more organised than women are more likely to backup their data.

The interesting thing about this backup service is that it automatically backs up existing data when it’s been edited, likewise when a new data is added to the folder you’ve chosen to back up.

The only thing I would have wished to change if I’m opportuned to, is upgrade to an unlimited versioning which most other backup services  possesses.

It will surprise you to know that you can  also enjoy 2-year insurance plan for every little valuable information in your data for as little as $95.

7).   SugarSync


SugarSync is another online backup service that is reliable for multiple backup features. It doesn’t only allow you to backup your files in real time, but also synchronizes it with your other connected devices.

Restoring files deleted from your device is obtainable with this service.

SugarSync offers three different plans that enjoys the same features. But the only difference between them is the storage space. With as little as $7.49 per month you can enjoy 100GB storage space which is the lowest among the plans.

Your data is constantly backed up as soon as they’re edited or added ensuring that your files are always saved for safekeeping.

Most backup services don’t allow uploading of large files, but Sugarsync allows you to upload as much as 300MB. And this can be done from any computer, all you need is to login to your account.

Ensure that your email attachment is backed up with Sugarsync by sending them to a unique email address that’s tied to your account. This will not only help you save your email attachment, but still receive files from others’ email account.

The only disadvantage about this backup service is that  you can’t backup all folders, and file types like C:\ where most installed files are located.

8).   Livedrive Review


How much do you know about this backup service?

Livedrive is an online backup service that offers two plans to choose from. And one great attribute about this backup service is that it allows you to customize your chosen plan to suit your setup.

With over one million subscribers, Livedrive has succeeded in rendering high quality  services since 2009 till date.

It’s also another affordable backup service you can hold onto with as little as $8 per month. It offers an unlimited storage capacity for you to backup as much files you wish to, from one PC. You’ll be charged extra $1.50 per month if you wish to add more PC.

Livedrive Pro suite is an advanced plan that allows you to add from five different computer at any affordable price of $25 per month with unlimited storage capacity.

This plan offers an added value of 2TB of cloud space for online storage known as briefcase.

Something I think you should know is that you can only backup folders with Livedrive. What this means is that you can’t select an entire hard drive, nor can you choose single files, to backup. The program only lets you select folders.


For some, taking photos are what they love to do, while others it might be their source of livelihood. And often we all want to share our photos with our loved ones, which we can’t do if we have no photos due to damage.

Whether you’re looking for file sharing, long-term storage, or any other feature that allows you secure any file you add or edit immediately.

I believe now you can chose from the varieties of  photo backup solutions that suits your demand.

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