Our Process

Do you want to rank your SaaS and B2B websites?

Yes, you do. Especially if you’re looking to generate traffic and acquire users to your SaaS business from Google search engine. We can help.

The way we work is unique. Our clients are primarily software developers, software marketers, consultants, and SaaS startups.

Here’s the breakdown of our Process:

Step 1: Deep market research – Yes, this is the first step we take to ensure that we’re not gambling with your SaaS website. We identify opportunities in the market, understand your customers better, put a spotlight on your competitors and what they’re doing that you probably have neglected. And a lot more.

Step 2: Website and web page audit – An effective SEO strategy begins with cleaning up your website. We audit, discover and get rid of on-page issues that will stop you from ranking in Google quickly. Website audit takes 24 – 72 hours.

Step 3: Keyword research – At this stage, we’re ready to take the insights that we got through market research and website audit to conduct keyword research. Trust me, you’ll be amazed because 75% of the keywords that we’ll discover have never been used by your competitors. That’s awesome because now you can dominate search results.

Step 4: Content strategy – Yes, we don’t just create content on random topics, we first define our scope, then use insights from the 3-step processes above to create irresistible content. This is the type of content that Google doesn’t ignore.

Step 5: Content creation/multimedia – Having know your target customers and what they want, we’ll create both written and multimedia content. It

may be hard for you, but it’s a breeze with us.

Step 6: Implementation – We bring everything together, set up analytics, manage everything, use the right tools, and answer all your questions.

Step 7: Monthly Analytics – When you work with SaaSBrand, you get a monthly report of your SaaS website and proven results. No excuses.

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