7 Powerful Ways to Get Users for Your SaaS Business

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If you want to get new users for your SaaS business, you need to first know where your SaaS business is at the moment. God’s truth.

get new SaaS user

Are you satisfied with the rate by which you add new users to your business?

No matter the level you’re at the moment, this article will guide you — and show you proven ways to get more targeted users and customers.

Though managing your existing customers is important, however, 89% of SaaS professionals said that the acquisition of new customers was still at the top of their priority.

When you consider that 80% of your future profits will come from 20% of your existing

Customers, it equally means that if you successfully add new customers to your list, your 20% increases. Because over time, when new users begin to like your brand, they will be more than happy to buy more.

Moreover, you can’t possibly compare the ROI of a company with 1 million users to a company with just a few hundred users. That’s why getting new users should be the focus of your SaaS business — while you plan on how to retain them.

Here are 7 proven tactics/techniques SaaS entrepreneurs use in acquiring new users and customers every single week.


1.  Free Trial

Last week, I joined GetResponse because of their free trial. So you can see that this technique is powerful for acquiring new users, who may not have money to purchase your product or are still contemplating.

According to Totango, 4% of SaaS companies offer a free trial. Before you can convert new visitors to active paid users you need to entice them — not only with a great product or service but with a great deal (such as a free trial).

By allowing the right users to try your products to see how it will benefit them before asking for money, you increase your chances of winning the user. Interestingly, roughly 15 – 20% of your free trial users will eventually become paying customers.

Some free trials may require credit cards while others may not. It all depends on what you want.

According to the same report by Totango, for every 10,000 visitors, 200 will sign up for a free trial if it requires a credit card while 50% of those that sign up for a free trial with a credit card will eventually become paying customers.

Whereas those that doesn’t require credit cards convert even more with 1,000 free sign-ups and 15%(150 users) of the 1,000 users becoming paying users and 80%(120) becoming retained users after 90 days.


“Every person that tries your product is a lead, even if they don’t become a user right then and there you may offer a feature in the future that is of value to them”

Jim Belosic

You can actually use your free trial system to get and retain new users, it all boils down to the relationship you build in your marketing funnel during the trial period.

2.  Freemium

It’s no news that everyone likes free stuff. Don’t you? Watch it; you may be wrong if you deny it.

In the same vein, marketers love it even more because it’s a potent marketing tool.

Freemium is a business model where a SaaS company allows their users to access the basic features of their service at no cost and can access more features with a subscription fee.

Take Zapier as a case study.

Zapier is a service that helps you automate processes within a service or between different services.

For example, you can have someone who made a purchase through your Shopify store added to your Aweber customer email list.

Wth Zapier freemium service, you can run five automation that will be up to 100 tasks per month for free.

They use the freemium service to get you in.

Because they know that after automating a few things it will be hard for you not to automate more things.

Most likely you will even want to upgrade to a paid account.

And you will even want to upgrade to other paid plans too because the price difference for the plans is just a few dollars.

And you’ll say, “it’s just $10 why not, I’ll upgrade to a higher plan to enjoy more features?”

That’s it for Zapier. And Zapier went from zero users to over 1 million+ users in just 5 years.

You might think that a lot of SaaS entrepreneurs and brands are actually using Freemium tactics to acquire more users, but sadly, only 17% of SaaS businesses currently use this model.

Freemium business model can help you get newly qualified users and you’ll see a significant ROI if done well.

3.  Content Marketing

Don’t ever think that content marketing is a buzzword if you do, then you’re wrong. It’s actually a powerful way to acquire new users at low cost. According to Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends survey, 88% of B2B brands are using content marketing already.

So why is everyone excited about content marketing?

It’s simple. It has always worked.

Well, content has a whole bunch of benefits from improving customer engagement to increasing business’ revenue. Yes, content can influence customer’s purchase decisions, improve organic search rankings and create massive brand awareness.

Yes, content can influence customer’s purchase decisions, improve organic search rankings and create massive brand awareness.

In fact, by the time you concentrate on creating custom content for your SaaS business, the level of customer engagement will increase. Data from

Data from CMI shows that 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content, and 90% find custom content useful.

Take Shopify as a case study.

Truly, Shopify wants to make a profit but the amount of value they provide through content inspires users who are interested in building a profitable online store. They really want users to succeed.

Apart from the Shopify blog that is full of great content from influencers, they also have a bunch of podcasts, case studies, success stories, videos, and guides, to help their users and even visitors grow theireCommercee business.

As of 2016, more than 200,000 online stores use Shopify.

The potency of content marketing cannot be underestimated in any industry. Content made Shopify’s usage easier than many other eCommerce shopping cart platforms.

4.  Lead Nurturing

If your users (whether free trial users or freemium users) are not becoming paid users, or you’re having a hard time turning them into brand ambassadors, then what you need is lead nurturing.

Actually, you may not be the only SaaS company struggling right now.

A recent research by MarketingSherpa shows that “79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance”

Organizations that nurture their leads experience 45% increase in lead ROI.

Truly, lead nurturing plays a key role in getting new users for your SaaS business and keeping them.

Here are a few lead nurturing tips that will help your brand increase your SaaS business’ user base.

1).  Lead nurturing should start immediately the user gets onboard

Meanwhile, immediately:

  • Follow them up with your user onboarding email newsletters.
  • Remind them when their free trial is about to expire and when it expires.
  • Teach them more about some awesome features in your system.
  • Show them how your service can help them improve their business or their personal life.

2).  Segment your leads so you can serve them the right content.

3).  Monitor the features they use the most and try to educate them more on that.

4)   Personalize your messages to them.

5.)  Build a genuine relationship with your users.

Customer onboarding can increase your brand’s growth rate and improve your business if done well.

5.  Product Integrations

It’s great to work with complementary SaaS product or solutions when you’re looking to get users for your SaaS business.

This can help you generate high-quality traffic when you integrate with successful products that already have a considerable user-base.

You can benefit from the market by getting your SaaS solution in front of them. That will be a great audience to have access to. Or what do you think?

For example, integrating with the following top brands will boost your traffic and increase your chances of getting new users/customers for your SaaS business.

1. Salesforce: 100,000+ businesses

2. 37signal: 100,000+ businesses

3. Yammer: 200,000+ businesses

4. Box: 120,000+ businesses

5. Shopify: 200,000+ businesses

6. Constant Contact: 400,000+ businesses

7. MailChimp: 2,000,000+ people

8. FreshBooks: 4,500,000+ people

Most of the SaaS companies have a partner page which lists all the products they are partnering with. Here’s an example from 37signal:


That’s how you will be found by interested users of the brand. Integration is really that helpful and powerful!

Most of them may also give you a dedicated partner page to advertise just like this:

Things to consider before choosing a SaaS solutions provider to partner with.

1. Look for integrations that will add value to your customers. Don’t just integrate with any software just because of traffic. Traffic isn’t enough.

2. Track your integrations and find out where you have more conversions from then focus on that one more.

For example, if Salesforce converts better than 37Signals, then concentrate on Salesforce.

3. Give your partner page the best shot. Remember that it’s your first impression, you can win your new users from there or lose them for life.

6.  Referral Programs

Have you used Dropbox before? How did you get to know about it? Chances are that you were referred by a friend. I’m sure you’ve referred a person to Dropbox too.

Getting new users to Dropbox is easy because it promised you an extra storage space for every friend you bring in.

In referral marketing, your users market your product for you. That’s exactly what Dropbox did and today Dropbox is synonymous with cloud-based storage.

A study by Nielsen found that 86% of Americans with a household income of $100,000 are desperate to receive recommendations when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Referral programs can help you increase your user base especially if it comes with an incentive.

“69% of consumers say that they’re more likely to try a brand if it gives rewards.”

– Social Annex

With referral marketing, Dropbox went from 1,000 to 4,000,000 in 15 months.

Another example is Evernote:

Evernote has a nice referral marketing model. Here’s how it works: Every member that invites a friend gets points to use for an upgrade, or to increase monthly uploads and also the user that’s invited will get premium too.

7. Social Media Marketing Strategy

According to HubSpot, more than 91% of marketers claimed that social media marketing is important for any kind of business.

SaaS business is not an exception. Most importantly now that you’re looking for new users.

Here are a few ways social media can help you get more loyal users for your SaaS business:

1).  Social media can improve your brand’s visibility: While you create quality content it needs to be seen and read by people. Social media is a perfect place to share a link to your content and engage users.

If you create shareable content and promote it, it will be shared by many people and more people will find your business.

And if you are consistent you will get even more signups from social media.

You will find customers you didn’t know existed. An example is the twitter insights tool –  Hootsuite. It can help you in so many ways.

You can use twitter to get insights on what people are searching for, which are related to your brand, so you can easily direct them to your website.

By having the right social media strategy your brand can really succeed in getting more users for your SaaS business from social media.


If you want your SaaS business to experience an upward growth, you need to implement one or more of these user generation tactics. There’s no shortcut.

Most importantly, it’s also important that your SaaS company grow faster than your competitors — it’s not just enough to get a few new users signing up to use your software.  It has to be consistent. Because that’s what yields sustainable business.

Haley Reynolds is the founder of SaaS Brand. He consults with Fortune 500 SaaS Companies to increase their online visibility through SEO. Get in touch with him by clicking the "contact us" button in the menu.
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