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SaaS Customer Onboarding: Proven SEO Checklists To Signup More Customers

customer onboarding process

Growing a profitable SaaS business is challenging. Since we launched our consulting company in 2015, we’ve helped several SaaS companies to acquire new users. But it wasn’t easy and we didn’t achieve results overnight. For most entrepreneurs, they feel like giving up at this time especially with the level of competition going on. In short, […]

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Why WordPress Database Backup Matters More Than Ever This Year (Plus Case Studies, Tools, Tips, and Plugins)

WordPress database backup

2017 promises to be fulfilling. But I’ve a few questions for you: Is your website safe from hackers? What about technical issues like a server crash? How do you plan to restore your site if you lose your data? If you manage or own a WordPress website or a blog that’s not backed up, you’re […]

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Dropbox Vs. OneDrive for Business: The Ultimate Review

What’s more, Dropbox was more vendor-neutral,’ whereas to be able to utilize Google Drive you’ve got to have Gmail.” It’s still very like that of Dropbox at this point. Both Dropbox and Box provide different plans for private and business usage, and segment business usage into small clients (classified dependent on the range of users) […]

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